Sunday, June 19, 2016

2 Twerks for the price of 1

I haven't had too much time to sit down and edit lately but since I hurt myself playing kickball last weekend I've managed to throw a few mini iFin edits together in hopes to satiate your TWERKIN' TWENTIES video cravings. The 1st video was filmed in Sonoma at the DTF boys' video premiere from a few months back. The dudes barbecued some bomb burgers and brats and we shredded the mini ramp all day until the sun went down. The video was rad as usual, the Sonomies are always on the grind filming and shredding and are doing so in Barcelona right now as we speak. The second edit is of one of our last skate missions with the homie Eddie, who is currently making moves on to the great state of Texas so we hit the East Bay for some of that gritty street and Family Dinner at La Mission Taqueria. We spent most of the day in Piedmont and then made our through Oakland and Berkeley. It was a damn good last sesh with the homie...for now, see you in Austin player! Hope everyone is enjoying their Scummer, get outside and have fun!


Saturday, April 30, 2016


The ALOHASNACKBAR squad got the day started early today and stacked major clips all around Sonoma County. We decided to warm up at the good ol' Windsor Skatepark. It's always fun to warm up there, that is, until the park gets over run by young, ruthless scooter gangs and we're forced to venture out into the mean streets.
Stubo takes a rat nap.

We made our way to Windsor High after stopping off for tacos and gyros first. Yung Boots hit a roadblock as he and Oru arrived at the spot...apparently a car was parked in front of the obstacle he wanted to skate. Luckily for him the owners of the car were there and were nice enough to move their ride. We got even luckier when we rolled into the school to find movable/skateable obstacles(a launch ramp and 2 manual pads of varying sizes) just sitting there in the quad. After stacking a few clips at WHS it was on to the newly built park in the Roseland area.
New Roseland park in the ghetto. 

Moe looking at photos of BBW's on his phone as usual.
When we got there Trevor B and some of the river rats were already there getting shreddy. The sesh was getting heated as more and more homies started to show up. This park is super fun considering it's only got a few things to skate; a long 3 ft QP, a curved ledge, and a circlur manny pad with a ledge stacked on top of it as well as dirt gaps through out the surrounding area. After relearning a few stunts on the manny pad, Oru busted out the camera to film some stuntage. All the homies got down and stacked some cool clips, vid soon come! Philms even made it out and filmed a bit and snapped a few photos of the dudes. As the sesh died down and we all went our separate ways but some of us linked up over at the CHALKER CHRONICLES HQ to have a SCUMSET sesh on Chalker's ramp. I honestly thought I was done with the shred and just wanted to watch the braddahs shred but once I saw Trevor Murphy, Storm, Ian Harper, Chalker and Austin Missner getting down I just had to go all in.  T Murph snapped some rad ramp stunts with his Hasselblad before the sun went down. Chalker's ramp is always a good way to end the day for sure. Storm and I were fortunate enough to get away with a few NBD ramp dance moves so you know we had to call it after that and end the sesh on a shredical note. Thanks for having us over and thanks to the ALOHASNACKBAR texts for getting the sesh going, it was fun!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


So the ongoing joke with the squad has been that every time we'v gone to Napa park we walk away with a mini edit. 
And so far that's been true thanks to luxury and convenience of always having an HD camera at the ready(i.e. iFin, smartphone). 

This night the SQUAD consisted of myself, Dirls, Minard, and Mikey driving. We jammed out after the two shop boys got off work. When we got there the place was empty! That was the first time I'd seen the place with absolutely no people in it. Took a bit to warm up seeing that the temperature has dropped quite a bit, it's most definitely beanie season.Having the whole place to yourself with yer boys is the fucking best! 
With the time change and cold weather here, I highlt suggest you go out to Napa at night because there'll probably be no one there. CHEERS & ROCK ASS!


Friday, November 6, 2015


Ever since the new skate park opened in Napa I've gone there almost every other day to shred with the homies. And every time we go we end up stacking a bunch of clips. This time was no different. Willi hit me up and said he got permission from the missus to go skate so we loaded the mini van with Mikey Smialek, Babyboots, Dirly $'z, Walter Joe and myself. We had to make a pit stop in St Helena on the way to Napa so Walter could be with his mama. So we got to stack a few clips at St Helena park before leaving to Napa Park. Next stop was In-N-Out to get some animal fries and double doubles and then it was off to get shreddy again. When we got there it was a bit crowded but that's to be expected with such a brand new park and it didn't impede the boys from getting one hundred percent hot rod. Here's the sesh all filmed a few hours ago.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


You're blowing it if you haven't checked out Napa's new skate park yet. The general consensus around here is that it's fun as FUCK! So get off your phones and go skate with your friends.


Monday, October 19, 2015


If you haven't checked out the new skatepark that just opened in Napa, I highly suggest you pack a van full of homies and mob down there. Here are some iFin clips that Gene and I filmed this past week.
Toan FS Flips the 7.

Tre all day.

Poaching Philms shoot a BS Smith photo of Cody.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Phil Philms brought his lights out to play a few nights before we left for our RV trip. So we decided to light up the QP at the Rosa park and stack some night moves before heading out into the streets. After a few warm up lip tricks the dudes thought it'd be a good idea to set up the barrier atop the QP as an extension. Turns out they were right, with the help of the homie, Kendrick , holding the thing up...the sesh was on! Babyboots, UG, and Skinner all stacked some rad stunts and then it was on to the next spot. All filmed on an iFin 5S and edited while on the road in the BAR VEE. Stay tuuuuuuned for more night moves!